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I enjoy posters on the town. I like seeing which plays are on, who’s in concert and where the cirkus has pitched it’s tent.

I especially appreciate these posters having produced things myself; knowing how much time and effort goes into the making of them, how difficult it is to promote an event – and how high the cost of advertising is.

The public policy towards these kinds of posters has very much hardened. There have been some “legal billboards” put up, many of them in pretty obscure locations, to meet the whole of Stockholms’s postering needs. All others are torn down immediately.

The politicians behind these policies obviously do not live by the same rules. There is to be a general election held this month, and their posters are plastered absolutely everywhere. I find it interesting that these messages are so much more important than others that they warrant total exposure.

Posters by the Royal Castle in Stockholm.