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Someone’s Mom.

I did some voice acting this summer, in Toy Story 3. The Swedish version.
Did I get to play a cute doll or a mermaid or a princess like I usually do? No.
Over the past year I’ve often been asked to play Mothers. In the scripts the moms don’t even have names, they are simply referred to as “Mom”. Or in the case of Toy Story 3 as “Andy’s Mom.”

But I guess that it just mirrors real life. I remember that when my daughter first started nursery school it was really quite strange to be referred to not as myself, but as My Daughter’s Mom. I’ve gotten used to it now, but I always make an effort to learn the other parent’s names. So they’re not just Someone’s Mom or Dad, but Themselves.

Having said that – when my daughter calls me Mom I wear the title proudly like an Olympic gold medal or a Nobel prize.

Mothers I have lent my voice to recently: