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Poetic license.

I am a sucker for poetry; I always have a book or two going somewhere.

One of my friends is a real, actual poet – these days almost an endagered species…  Her first own collection of poems will be published in the fall. It’s called “Hard Feelings” and it is very insightfully brought to us by the people at Snare Books.

Read an interview with Sheryda here.
Or just dive straight into one of her poems:


A yak,
bold as
bad fortune,
holds court
in my backyard,
turns a defiant
back to me.
I’m standing
at a set of
French doors,
bullied by this
auburn body
eclipsing a low
mountain range.
One fierce look
over its shoulder,
then a severe kick
with its matted,
skinny back legs
that shakes
but doesn’t break
the pane. I don’t
have glass doors
a backyard, or
a home in the
mountains. But
I do have a
mother, and she’s
looked at me
once or twice
with those black
yak eyes.