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Turn those lights off!

I sometimes drive my near and dear ones a little loopy because I am forever turning the lights off. When you leave a room the light doesn’t need to be on waiting for your return. When you’ve charged your cell phone the charger shouldn’t stay in the socket wasting electricity. You get the drift…

My eyes were opened many years ago when someone compared a lightswitch to a faucet: think of your lightswitch or socket as a faucet and the electricity as precious, clean, fresh water. I would never leave the water running, wasting it, and it’s the same with electricity. Easy once you get the hang of it!

I’m a big believer in little steps, and that if everyone makes small adjustments in the way we live, huge changes for the better will come. Ranging from giving someone a smile or helping them with the door, to recycling, choosing organic and fairtrade items – and turning the lights off when you leave a room.

I think that Earth Hour is an excellent way to show that you care and to start implementing a shift in attitude towards the world’s natural resources and the way we use them.

I’m turning the lights off for Earth Hour tomorrow. Are you? (Of course you are!)