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The Milky Way.

I went to the premiere of “Vid Vintergatans slut” (“At the End of the Milky Way”) last night at the lovely Park movie theatre in Stockholm; one of the few remaining real movie theatres left.  I remember seeing “Hair” there, eons ago…

Anyway, I enjoyed it, and I enjoyed hearing the score which was composed by my hubby and Anders Wall.  Most of the lead actors were there and very generous with their time and autographs, much to the kids in the audience’s delight.

They showed the first two episodes of what is actually a tv series from Swedish Television aimed at a younger audience. There are quite a few special effects, and I think they’ve done a great job – especially considering the limited budget. I had a great time at the party afterwards chatting to the cgi guys; really sweet, down to earth people who make work time play time. As it should be.