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I’m a pretzel.

Not a day goes by that I don’t practise yoga. I’m not on the mat every day, but the lessons I learn from being on the mat shape my every waking hour. And I am grateful.

I think back on the thousands of people through thousands of years that have experienced the benefits of yoga and meditation, experimented in their own portable science labs (ie their bodies) and have had the wisdom to realize and point out the direction for us others to go.

My biggest lesson so far is to focus on my mat. Don’t look at the others around me doing incredible handstands, thinking: “I’m useless!” Or indeed: “Look at that sloppy pose – I’m way better…”

Humility, being present, being in the Now. Just being. With joy and gratitude.

Plus it’s really good for my back. Plus it firms up those jiggly bits on my arms…