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La Boulangerie!

Oh my! This Boulangerie just drew me in…

I fell in love with it on my way to The Opera last night and took this picture with my cellphone (nearly getting run over by a car in the process). I set the alarm this morning so I wouldn’t miss going there before my flight to Stockholm.

Last night the shelves were pretty bare, but at 8 am – Oh my! The Boulangerie was packed with bread and also packed with customers emptying those shelves at an alarming rate. I did my best to fit in and so bought a whole bunch of various breads, had some lovely rolls for breakfast, and stuffed my suitcase with the rest of my trove.

I’m on an all-carb diet today.

Don’t miss La Boulangerie if you go to Malmö! It’s on Östra Rönneholmsvägen 6,
between The Hilton and The Opera.