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Cristina Branco

I love, love Cristina Branco’s voice, so I was excited to learn that she was to visit Stockholm – and on a night when I wasn’t working and could actually go! So I bought tickets online a couple of weeks ago. Or so I thought…

When I got to the venue there were no tickets. They had somehow disappeared into cyberspace. A tiny dark cloud slowly formed over my head. After about 15 minutes of deliberations with the guy in the box office, the issue was finally solved. To my advantage, I’m happy to say. I had bought seats in the stalls/orchestra, but found myself climbing the stairs to the Gods. Not too bad – I much preferred it to going home again empty handed. (Or empty eared perhaps.)

A pocket sized camera in no-flash mode taking a shot from up high in the Gods doesn’t make for a great picture; obviously. A good memento though; yes.